the Duskseeker Anomaly
or, the CRPGS Alpha test 2 campaign

Prologue: Wake [COMPLETE]

A young shadow-figure in search of his place in the world, a newly-created entity made of nightmares who doesn't exist, and a crashed-research-ship-bourn ooz from a far-off land walk into a bar...

Act 1: Sleep – in progress

They set off in search jobs, answers, and thrones, as of yet unware they're being hunted by a vigilante somniomancer mafia

The party is currently:

At an illegal back alley fight club, entering the ring to pay for train tickets

(click!) CRPGS Alpha 2 Campaign Known (Named) Characters...
Emilio Player Character He/They
Jones Player Character He/Him
Ezekial Player Character Any
Bartholomew Ender Innkeeper He/Him
Captain Forethought Captain She/Her
Ledger Forethought Crewmember She/Her
Rat Forethought Crewmember She/Her
Mouse Forethought Crewmember He/Him
Pickles Forethought Crewmember They/Them
Birdie Forethought Crewmember He/Him
Scrundle Bitbug Kid He/Him
Zelkova Cargo Yard Captain He/Him
Never Folk Retired He/Him
Emmèe Artificer She/Her
Maximal Coverage Pathitechnician He/Him
Inky Journalist He/She
Benni Journalist She/Her
Glade Journalist He/Him
Claude Ghild They/It
Amantha Shrike Lux Knight She/Her
Lady Shoul Derarmour Lost Noble He/Him