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Glossary of Terms

This is largely a contextless lore-dump for the Duskseeker Anomaly campaign setting. The aim is neither good prose nor comprehensive information, it's all just for fun :3

the Storm

The known world is surrounded by a 3,200 km1,988.4 mi diameter impenitrable wall of clouds called the Storm. Nothing that enters it ever comes back out, and as such it's contents are completely unknown.

Excepting the eye, the Storm is infinite in all directions. far far from the Eye at it's center, inhabited floating islands can be found.

Lux Solustellalux sol-lu-STAY-ya

The sole notable celestial object of the world, Lux Solustella hangs unmoving in the sky providing light and warmth that waxes and wanes in a 24 hour cycle, creating the natural phenomona known as "day" and "night".
A secondary 24 month cycle causes the alternating seasonal years: one warm "summer year", followed by a cold "winter year".

the Aurora Spear
& CAU Borediaboar-RAY-dee-ah

Sticking out of the ocean at the center of the eye, the Aurora Spear is a smooth hexagonal crystal spire that projects a cone of purple light visable from the edges of the eye that spins slowly, making a full rotation every 36 hours. It is the source of the arcane field infused into the fabric of reality around the Eye, and is the only thing preventing the Storm from rushing in and consuming it.

the Spear was long considered neutral territory, with no country within the eye permitting any other undue control over it. Recently, however, a city, CAU Boredia, was constructed around it's base. Boredia's purpose is to harvest arcane power at the source where it's strongest, all to power the operation of the pathiphone network. Not only would this revolutionize communication, but excess power could be siphoned from the pathinet to power other arcmachines that couldn't draw enough ambiently. Thus, many old agreements were broken to allow Boredia to by built, and the city is kept under survey by a concil representing all the world contries.

Pathiphone Network

If two people agree to form a magical bond between their souls, they will be able to call each other on a "phone".
Invented constructed and controled by the Communications Access Union, or CAU, the pathinet connects the world in a web arcane power, carrying sound invisibly through the air. A pathiphone is typically wall mounted and connects to the network wirelessly when in range of a broadcast station.

Though the arcmech required to open a connection is currently too big for handheld units, pocket-sized "pagers" can detect an incoming call and alert their owner, letting them know to find a phone.


Though some places still have their own local currencies, a single universal coin, called "Coin", is accepted across the eye, and minted in most countries. They can be minted from any material of steady value, must fall within certain dimensions, and must have a material value equal to any whole number of coin, or a fractional value of ¼, ½, or rarely, ⅓.

The head side of a coin must list it's value and year-of-mint somewhere. The tails side is dedicated entirely to the mint-mark if the mint that minted the coin. Mint-marks are magical symbols, and can't be replicated by anyone other than the mint they belong to. the mark is usually additionally enchanted in some visual way, such changing over time.


Arcane mechanics deals in the constuction of arcane-powered machinery and devices from modular parts. As opposed to artiface, where an object is enchanted with a unique arcane matrix, arcmech parts are standardized, and the machines made from them can be built and serviced without any arcane training.